Let's Get TO Work.

Let's Get To Work

Hattie Larlham offers two types of work programs for people with disabilities.

The first is work training. Hattie Larlham has Hattie's Doggie Day Care and Boarding locations in Twinsburg, Akron and Cleveland. Here, people with disabilities receive hands-on experience and learn on the job to prepare for competitive community employment.

Local employers who are in need of a team, benefit greatly from contract services known as integrated lines. These work-sites are set up similar to temporary employment and create an opportunity for employees with disabilities to work alongside employees without disabilities, while still receiving the guidance and support from a job coach as it is necessary. 

The second is community employment. This service is similar to an employment agency, with the added benefit of post-employment services and supports to assure a successful transition.



When you board your dog with Hattie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding, you support employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. Your patronage is important to us, but it's even more important to the men and women learning the skills they need to compete for community employment. 

If your company is in need of a hard-working team, ready and able to do the job, contact us to learn more about our contract services. We will work with you to ensure your needs are met. Integrated lines are not only beneficial to our employees, but to business owners, as contracted work training sites result in cost-savings for your company. Let's talk.

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Hattie's Doggie Day care and boarding 

Hattie’s Doggie Day Care & Boarding is a Hattie Larlham work training program with three convenient locations in Twinsburg and close to the Cleveland Hopkins and Akron Canton airports. Here, we provide work training for adults with disabilities interested in a career in animal care. Employees learn how to care for dogs but also gain skills applicable in any work environment, such as working independently or as a team, providing great customer service.

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GOJO Industries, Inc., is a privately held manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products. Employees of Gojo are responsible for the packaging of these specialty items to be delivered to stores. A job coach is available to employees to guide them through the process until they demonstrate the ability to work independently. As this training opportunity with Gojo continues, employees who are ready will be able to move to other areas within the company to learn new skills.

 Board your dog at Hattie's Doggie Day Care & Boarding.


Applied Medical Technology, Inc. is an integrated line work training site. Employees of AMT are part of a team responsible for the assembly of enteral devices. Employees of AMT work with the assistance of a job coach until it is no longer necessary. Several employees at this work training site have advanced to different areas in the company where they can continue to develop their skills and knowledge of this industry.


Community Employment

Hattie Larlham's community employment service connects adults with disabilities with supportive Northeast Ohio companies. It isn't enough for us to find jobs--our goal is to find jobs candidates can do, want to do and want to keep doing at a company they enjoy.

This philosophy ensures the people we serve stay employed and reduces turnover costs for employers. Our job coaches and support staff work alongside the employee and the hiring company to establish an open dialogue, set expectations and develop the skills that foster success. Contact us to find a qualified, hard-working employee for your company.