Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a day's work. Work has value beyond a paycheck. A day's work lends a sense of accomplishment, self confidence and pride in a job well done.

We celebrate ability every day: rock stars, professional athletes and models are lavished with attention. Cable channels tout the virtue of hard work; of clocking in, getting dirty, punching out and going home tired.

But for some people, the glory of a simple workday routine escapes them. For the people who dream of work and the independence it brings, Hattie Larlham is here to help.

The I Am Able campaign celebrates ability and offers the men and women we serve the rock star treatment they've earned.

For more than 56 years, we’ve changed the disability health care field. Now, with your support and the support of Northeast Ohio businesses, we’re making our region's workforce more inclusive.

Let's get to work.